April 23, 2012

Atlas Political Action Committee Endorses Sebourn

By Greg Sebourn

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Atlas PAC Gives Strong Support for Greg Sebourn for Fullerton City Council’s Recall Election to Replace Don Bankhead

April 23, 2012

FULLERTON –Atlas PAC proudly announced its endorsement of Greg Sebourn for Fullerton City Council’s Recall Election to replace Don Bankhead.  Sebourn, an avid and proven tax fighter, is a small business owner that understands the sacrifices made by today’s small business owners striving to stay afloat in the midst of the recession.

“I am proud to have the support of the men and women of Atlas PAC,” said Sebourn “Atlas PAC represents good governance by the People and for the People.  Few organizations have such a pure mission and clear message.”

Atlas is a politically based membership organization made up of business, political, and community professionals who share a passion for free enterprise, limited government, reduced government regulatory burdens, low taxation, and individual liberty.Atlas furthers its ideals by funding candidates and causes who aggressively advocate the values of Atlas.

Since 2011, Sebourn has spearheaded a movement to repeal the City of Fullerton “in-lieu franchise fee” which the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has characterized as illegal.  Those efforts placed enormous pressure on current council members to vote to end the transferring of funds.

“The City is still over charging ratepayers by 10%.  That has to end and we must assess how to return the illegally collected funds back to the ratepayers,” said Sebourn.  “Every day that passes, the City collects 10% too much!  I want to know where every penny comes from and where it goes.  I want a complete accounting of City Hall.  The citizens deserve to know where their money has been spent.  Obviously, it has not gone to improving roads.”

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More information about Greg can be found on the campaign website at www.gregsebourn.com.  Also, Greg can be followed over at Twitter @GregSebourn.

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