November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

By Greg Sebourn

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful for my family and the incredible city and country we are blessed to have.  Each and every day I am grateful for the opportunity to tuck my kids into their beds and sing a few songs with them.

Here is a secret that few know: every night I sing the Star Spangled Banner to my children.  My eldest and I were fortunate enough to tour Fort McHenry a few years ago and see the fort, mast, and banner for which the poem and  National Anthem inspired Francis Scott Keys to pen his words.  It is moments like that and every night that I thank God for the many blessings I enjoy.

The Star Spangled Banner over Fort McHenry, Baltimore Maryland.

I hope you will take a moment this Thanksgiving holiday to reflect on your blessings and be thankful for all God has granted.

God bless you this Thanksgiving Day and everyday.

November 5, 2014

Thank You Fullerton

By Greg Sebourn


Thank you to Fullerton voters as well as my family, friends, and supporters who helped make this possible!

Stay tuned for more information.

October 16, 2014

OC Register Endorses Sebourn, Paden for Fullerton Council

By Greg Sebourn

Editorial: Paden, Sebourn for Fullerton Council

Fullerton is recovering from a largely negative bout in the public limelight. A high-profile prosecution for police brutality cast shame on city governance, prompting a recall of three council members and engaging the city in questions of oversight for law enforcement.
The resulting scrutiny bore fruit: Fullerton became a pioneer in using police body cameras and is pondering a civilian review board. Yet, residents are now facing another important election, one that will no doubt greatly influence how the city engages a whole range of issues: Homelessness, infrastructure, pensions, development and more.
To continue the city on its positive path, the Register recommends the mayor pro tem, Greg Sebourn, and challenger Sean Paden for City Council.
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